The Playaz Club was founded by Rappin' 4-Tay in 1994. Playaz Club members receive special discounts/privileges on exclusive events, clothing, music, and much more. 

We are currently taking orders for 2015 Playaz Club Memberships. We only issue a limited number of memberships each year. We are kicking off 2015 in a BIG way...this year the Playaz Club turns 21! So you know there will be some crazy events! "Membership has it's privileges"

January 23/24 - The 2015 Mansion Party - (Beverly Hills, CA) - SOLD OUT

Check out the video here!


April 18/19 - The 2015 Pool Party - The Smoke Out Edition

This year will be one of the most memorable years for our members. This years pool party doors. We have a beautiful 300 acre property right outside of LA. Escape to our Playaz Club Oasis for a day or a weekend and enjoy the good life. Complete with an in-door heated pool, a special Playaz Club style easter egg hunt, and a place to pitch a tent...if you're lucky. (Camping encouraged - Drive Responsibly). Come be a part of the movement. 

The only way to find out what really goes down at The Playaz Club is to join. If you're not in, you're out. This year so far...Platinum and Diamond members were all invited to bring in 2015 in a big way at the Playaz Club Mansion Party in Beverley Hills. It was two days of an unbelievable event. 1500 People...Multiple Performances....and we literally shut down Mulholland Blvd! Don't miss our next event on 4/18-4/19.

Requirements for The Playaz Club:

A Brim hat to bring back that old school flavor, freshest sneakers, a phone on hand to seal that power deal, Playaz Club card to make stay connected, make purchases, and receive privileges.

Playaz Code: Key words and phrases to know while talking to other playaz.

player - according to Webster, a person who plays a game. Musician/Actor

playa - an individual who handles his/her business. SUCCESSFUL

playa hater - opposite of a playa. An individual who criticizes/begrudges someone who...

handle yo business - take care of what you are doing. Do it Right!

it ain't no thang - not important

we up - out of here....leaving the scene