The Playaz Club was founded by Rappin' 4-Tay in 1994. Playaz Club members receive special discounts/privileges on exclusive events, clothing, music, and much more. 

We only issue a limited number of memberships each year. To ensure we have a select group worthy of membership.

"Membership has it's privileges"

Requirements for The Playaz Club:

A brimmed hat to bring back the old school flavor, freshest sneakers, a phone on hand to seal that power deal & your Playaz Club card to stay connected, make purchases, and receive privileges.

Reference - you have to know playa to be a playa.

Playaz Code: Key words and phrases to know while talking to other playaz.

playa - an individual who handles his/her business. SUCCESSFUL

playa hater - opposite of a playa. An individual who criticizes/begrudges someone who...

handle yo business - take care of what you are doing. Do it Right!

it ain't no thang - not important

we up - out of here....leaving the scene

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